Valtan Phase 1 Complete Guide in Lost Ark (2023)

Cleaning Valtan Phase 1 and 2 is currently the most challenging task inlost arkand this comprehensive guide will help you remove it. Valtan is an 8 player raid divided into 2 phases. Complete Phase 1 and Phase 2includes big gold rewards, and is crucial for future relic equipment updates. Unlike Argos, Valtan allows players to see the exact HP of the boss at all times.

Para eliminar Valtan Fase 1 enlost ark, players must progress through the boss's full 50 HP bars. In this guide we will go over the preparations necessary to clarify Valtan and all the mechanics that players will have to face in the different parts of Phase 1.

Here is our guide for Phase 2:

Complete Guide to Valtan Phase 2 in Lost Ark

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table of Contents

1) Preparation for Valtan Phase 1

1.1) Articles

1.2) Star numbers

(Video) Valtan Phase 1 Guide in 60 Seconds | Lost Ark

1.2.1) Thirain (Ctrl + Z)

1.2.2) Blanco (Ctrl + X)

1.2.3) Balthorr (Strength + C)

1.3) Positions

2) Guía Valtan Phase 1 Teil 1 – Purple Wolf (50-45 HP)

3.1) Bleeding of the Red Wolf

3.2) Fear of the Red Wolf

(Video) LOST ARK - Valtan Phase 1 Guide (SIMPLE VERSION)

4) Valtan Phase 1 Teil 3 Guide – Orb Cleaning Mechanic (30 HP)

4.1) Käsestrategien

4.1.1) The first four take only orbs

4.1.2) All the way south

6) Valtan Phase 1 Teil 5 Guide – Orb Cleaning Mechanic (15 HP)

7) Guía Valtan Phase 1 Teil 6 – Purple Wolf (15-0 HP)

Preparing for Valtan Phase 1

It is important to prepare for Valtan as it is the most challenging content yet. Bring the right items, understand the newly introduced mechanics, and organize your team for the unique wipe mechanic. The required ilevel for normal mode is 1415 and for hard mode 1445.


In general, the items are pretty standard and players should bring the following for Phase 1:

(Video) Lost ark VALTAN guide, Gate 1 (5 minute SHORT VERSION)

  1. HP potions (preferably purple if you are inexperienced with raiding)
  2. Whirlwind or Clay Grenades for the two important stagger checks
  3. Panacea or Sacred Charm to remove bleed buildups
  4. Dark Grenades (optional - only 1-2 players should bring these in case the party lacks DPS)


As mentioned inlost arcasOfficial guide, Asterisks is a new mechanic introduced with the Valtan raid and will also be available for future Legion raids. They can be seen at the top left of the screen. These slowly charge up over time after completing the mechanic and successfully countering. The zodiac signs are essential tools for completing phases 1 and 2 of Valtan. There are three zodiac signs available and since they charge very slowly, players should only use them carefully when necessary. Note that these can only be used by the raid leader. If the raid leader dies early, you must transfer the raid leader to someone who is still alive.

Thirain (Ctrl + Z)

King Thirain and his soldiers in Lost Ark

Thirain is the favorite for his raw damage and armor destruction. He deals almost twice as much damage as Wei and can be used in phase one to safely get past some DPS checks like 35 to 30 HP bars in the Red Wolf fight (more on this later).

Blanco (Ctrl + X)

Wei is the first choice to graduate. In general, Wei is the best choice for phase 1, as there are 2 tiered checks that, if they fail, result in the team being eliminated.

Balthorr (Force + C)

Balthorr reduces incoming damage and crowd control, and makes the team immune to certain wipe mechanics. It can be used to avoid certain heavy attacks in phase 1, but is not generally recommended as the other 2 stars are the best options. However, Balthorr is extremely useful in Phase 2.


Finally, before starting the raid, the team needs to set locations for the 2 cleanup mechanics which occur at 30 and 15 HP respectively. Imagine that the sand is a clock; Players must stand at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 a.m. respectively. The raid leader should be ranked 1, followed by the higher level classes (ideally gunslinger/gunner in the following ranks).While the mechanics will be explained later, remember that cheese can be made.. If you choose to do this, you can skip setting up positions.

The positions that players must take when the orbs appear in phase 1 at 30 and 15 HP

Power Phase 1 Teil 1 Guide – Purple Wolf (50-45 HP)

Part 1 is the introduction to Valtan Raid. Players face off against the Purple Wolf, which has no major mechanics. Since most of his attacks are from the front, his back is considered a safe place. After reaching 45 HP, the boss will create two portals and move to part 2. When he transforms, stay away from the portals as they will damage you.

Guía Valtan Phase 1 Teil 2 – Red Wolf & Blue Invader (45-30 HP)

The raid begins by fighting the Red Wolf. After dealing enough damage, the Blue Wolf also joins the fight. If the Red and Blue Wolves are in the arena, two random players will be marked; one with blue marking and one with red marking. The one with the blue marker is the blue wolf's target and must move to the south side of the arena. The one with the red mark is targeted by the red wolf and should stay on the north side (wolves take less damage when together so sharing is essential).

As for the remaining players, 3 can only damage the red wolf and 3 can only damage the blue wolf. If you have a yellow buff, you can only target the blue wolf. Without a yellow buff, aim for red. If you're not sure, hit both and see which one you can hit.

Valtans Arena and Lost Ark

red wolf bleeding

It's important to note that Red Wolf's attacks apply bleed stacks. At 3 stacks, the boss will attack you with a powerful attack. To try and keep your stacks below 3, it is recommended to use Panacea. For this reason, Panacea is considered a key element in this complete guide to clearing Valtan Phase 1.lost ark.

The fear of the red wolf

After dealing enough damage to the Blue Wolf, it will exit the arena and all players should focus on the Red Wolf. During this part, Red Wolf randomly applies a Darkness debuff to players. At 5 stacks, the player will be feared and the boss will teleport to them and grab them. This usually results in the death of the player. It is important that the boss gets to 30 HP as quickly as possible before he loses too many party members. If you goUsa el signo zodiacal ThirainNow is a good time to do it. However, keep in mind that this will prevent you from using Wei in the next part.

The raid team prepares for Valtan's fight in Lost Ark

(Video) Legion Raid GUIDE - VALTAN GATE 1

Valtan Phase 1 Teil 3 Guide – Orb Wipe Mechanic (30 HP)

The boss will teleport to the center and begin channeling a spell that requires a stagger check. The players must take the positions mentioned in the preparation. At each of these positions, an orb will appear and start following the next player. To complete this mechanic, players must take these orbs in turns (similar to the illusion sword in the Hall of Twisted Warlord Abyss dungeon). Every time a player takes an orb, they should run to the boss and start using stagger abilities (this is why high tier classes should go first). If someone picks more than 1 orb or the team doesn't stagger the boss in time, the party will be wiped out.

Since this is the most difficult mechanic in the raid, so be it.recommended to use the Wei zodiac(That's why the raid leader goes first.) Also, to understand when to grab the orb based on the position of it, keep an eye on the purple debuff for the boss. This debuff gains a stack upon picking up an orb. For example, if you are the fifth player to take an orb, you can take it when the boss has 4 stacks of the purple debuff (meaning 4 orbs have already been taken).

cheese strategies

Getting each player to pick up a ball requires extreme coordination and can be challenging. However, this comprehensive guide includes two more ways to introduce Valtan Phase 1.lost arkeasier.

The first four take only orbs

According to this strategy, only the first four players grab an orb and then rush to stagger the boss using Wei Star. The remaining four players juggle their balls around the edge of the map without even picking them up. This limits the margin of error and makes the mechanics easier, since not everyone has to choose a bullet.

far south

With this strategy, all players except the raid leader go to the southern end of the arena. The raid leader goes to the center and immediately uses the Wei Zodiac (if the Staggering Test starts before the orbs start moving). After that, the raid leader runs to the north side of the arena while he juggles all 8 orbs (he can pick up 1, but no more). This allows the remaining 7 players to run straight to the boss and use all of their awesome abilities without worrying about bullets. This is a much simpler method, requires minimal coordination, and mostly relies on the raid leader juggling orbs.

For more details and visual examples of these strategies, check out the video below.


Guía Valtan Phase 1 Part 4 – Blue Wolf & Red Invader (30-15 HP)

After successfully staggering, the Blue Wolf enters the arena. After taking some damage, Red Wolf joins in and this fight is similar to Part 2: 2 players are targeted, Blue Wolf must move to the south side, and 4 players can damage each wolf.

The only difference is the yellow buff. In part 2, the yellow buff meant that players could only damage the blue wolf, whereas now it's the opposite; A yellow buff means you can only target the red wolf. Just like in Part 2, Red Wolf will eventually disappear and everyone needs to focus on Blue Wolf until he hits 15 HP.

Valtan Phase 1 Teil 5 Guide – Orb Wipe Mechanic (15 HP)

Part 5 is the same as part 3. Use your favorite strategy andIdeally, you will have Wei Star ready, and you should be fine. Also, after a successful stagger check, the boss performs a big AOE attack. The safe place will be the southern end of the arena.

Guía Valtan Phase 1 Teil 6 – Purple Wolf (15-0 HP)

The last phase contains all the attacks from the previous parts, as well as a new erasure mechanic. By now you should be familiar with the Purple Wolf's attacks, as they are identical to the Blue/Red Wolf. However, the new erasure mechanic requires teamwork.

Purple Wolf fights for Valtan Phase 1 in Lost Ark

A random player (usually one located far from the boss) will be feared. After a few seconds, the boss will teleport to that player and begin a stagger check. If players fail to stagger the boss, the dreaded player will be grappled, resulting in that player's death (unless he has a significantly higher I level). The boss will repeat this mechanic over and over again.If the players fail the stagger test a second time, the entire party will be eliminated.. To counter this, don't stray too far from the boss (making it difficult for your teammates to help you if you get scared), and when you get scared, he spams yourself. As long as players are ready, it can be countered

(Video) Latest Valtan phase 1 Guide

Congratulations! If you have been reading this guide until now, you have just completed Phase 1 of Valtan.lost ark, or willing to do so. In both cases,Start preparing for phase 2 with our next guide, which introduced even more unique and challenging mechanics. If you are looking for a Tl; The Dr. in this guide is looking for,A Reddit user summarized phase 1 in a cheat sheet.


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