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Anfield is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world. Thanks to the boisterous nature of The Kop and the team's achievements on Europe's great nights under the lights, the ground has become part of Liverpool Football Club folklore. However, not everyone has been lucky enough to set foot in the stadium, so it stands to reason that I would talk about the different areas of the pitch and where I think provides the best experience.

If you're hoping to go to a game at some point in the future and want to know where to sit or would just like to imagine being there, we hope this gives you an idea of ​​what to expect. Of course, I should also point out at this stage that, ticket sales being what it is, you may not have much of a choice as to where you end up. To be honest, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as you'll get a good view of the action from most places in the stadium. Still, this is where you should go if you have carte blanche about it...

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The Kop is the most famous stand on the ground and arguably the best known stand in world football. This is where die-hard Liverpool supporters sit and it's also where the atmosphere tends to build. It used to be believed that if the Reds needed a goal, the Kops could get the ball into the back of the net. Opposition players find it an intimidating position with a life of its own, while Liverpool players find strength and that extra ounce of energy from the noise it creates.

The Kop is behind the south goal at Anfield. As such, whether he likes his seats and the view he gets from them depends on what he's thinking of watching the football head-on, if he wishes. There is no doubt that the entrances in Blocks 204-206 are probably the best combination of view and atmosphere. You're far enough away to get an idea of ​​what's going on there, and you'll be among the loudest fans. 304-306 are also good, although if you're way back your vision will be a bit restricted if the ball is in the air too long.

Facing The Kop, you'll still have a good view at blocks 104-106, but you'll be much closer to the action, and if you're too far in front, your view could be affected by the target itself. especially at 105. Your view 102, 108 and 109 will be restricted by the two bleachers on either side of The Kop and you will only be able to see part of the pitch depending on how far away you are. Still, The Kop is a great place to sit and promises the chance to catch a game in the most iconic English football stands.

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the main stand

The development of the Main Stand removed some of the more restricted views of the stadium from the ticketing list. In the past, support pillars prevented large numbers of people from having an unlimited view of the field. They have now been removed and the main stand is now the largest single-level structure in Europe.

For those of you who are used to watching football on TV, the main stand offers the view you are used to, combined with comfortable seats. There are no repeats though, so you'll have to get used to that... The center of the cabin is dedicated to the directors box, as well as corporate seating, so you'll likely be right at the front, to the left. right. on the back or on one side.

Apart from the absolute extremes to the sides or right in front, the views from the main stand are uninterrupted and give you a real idea of ​​what is happening in the game. If you're behind, you might feel a little removed from the action, but you'll get a great overview of the match itself. There are some seats with a restricted view to the side, but you'll still be able to see most of what's going on. The center of the main stand might well be the connoisseurs' choice when it comes to the best seats on the pitch.


The Centennial Parade

The Centennial Grandstand is located in front of the Main Grandstand and is another area of ​​the ground that promises an excellent view. Unfortunately, the view is somewhat clouded by the fact that the seats are quite small, meaning you're likely to experience an uncomfortable ninety minutes if you're not petite and skinny.

That said, if you can get seats in the back of the Block KK or the front of the CE5, you'll be absolutely delighted with the view in front of you. Like the main stand, this is the stand you'll want to sit in if you're used to watching football on TV. This is even more true of The Centenary Stand, as the television gantry is located here.

The two levels are separated by a row of executive cabins, so you know the view will be reasonably good here. I watched Liverpool's famous 4-3 win over Borussia Dortmund in 2016 in the Upper Centenary block CE2 and the view was excellent. Of course, if you're on the side of either level, your view will be a little weird, but it'll still be pretty much uninterrupted.

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The only other thing worth mentioning about The Centenary Stand is the atmosphere. Many people still refer to it as the Kemlyn Road Stand, something that hasn't been there since 1992. It gives you a feeling of the Middle Ages and it's fair to say that many of the regulars here don't get sucked into the songs and general banter. from the rest of the enclosure. It's also home to the game day hospitality suites, so don't expect to join Poor Scouser Tommy if your tickets go here.

The end of the Anfield road

Last but not least comes Anfield Road End. Divided into two levels, the lower left as you're looking at it, or the lower right if you're seated, is normally dedicated to away fans. If they have a large contingent they can be given the entire youth tier, although this is more common in cup matches than anything else.

The presence of away fans in the stands makes the atmosphere less partisan than one might expect. Sadly, the atmosphere at Anfield is not what it used to be, especially in generic league games against so-called "lesser opponents" like West Brom or Hull. Consequently, sitting in this grandstand means you'll end up hearing away fans chant 'where's your famous atmosphere?' and other hilarious ditties.

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Now, to be completely honest, the club shouldn't be selling tickets to the back of the lower section of Annie Road. Pretty much all you can see is the bottom of the top section of the seat. Avoid the entrees here like the plague if you can. The front seats at 223 to 226 offer an excellent view of the entire pitch, as do the middle seats at 123 to 126. Too close to the front, however, and you'll barely have a clue what's going on, with the goal blocking your view Of action.


Where is the best place to sit at Anfield? ›

Anfield has four major stands, with away supporters sitting in the lower tier of the Anfield Road end. The best views can be found in the centre of either the Kenny Dalglish Stand or the Main Stand, but the best atmosphere by far is in the famous Kop.

Is there a dress code for Anfield hospitality? ›

The dress code is business casual. Smart jeans and smart trainers are permitted. No football shirts or tracksuits are allowed. Please advise of any special dietary needs at least 72 hours before the fixture by emailing

How early should I get to Anfield? ›

Liverpool FC recommend arriving at the stadium at least 45 minutes before kick-off to ensure enough time to get into the venue and find your seat. However, first-time visitors may want to arrive earlier to soak up the pre-match atmosphere and get a feel for what Anfield has to offer!

Where do families sit at Anfield? ›

Experience the Family Zone located in the Anfield Road Stand. Designed with families in mind the Family Zone is the perfect way to enjoy Anfield's electric matchday atmosphere. It's packed full with a host of interactive activities to keep all members of the family entertained.

Is it better to sit high or low in a stadium? ›

Best Overall Seats at an NFL Game: Club Level, First Row

Most NFL stadiums feature a club level on the second deck of seating, just above the lower level. If you recall, sitting near row 30 in the lower level is the perfect height. So if you're just above that in the club level, you're also getting a top-notch view.

Where is it best to sit at a football game? ›

Anywhere aligned with the center of the field is a very good seat. However, the best place to sit on the 50-yard line is around 10-20 rows up. This section allows someone to have full vision of the field and turn their head in equal directions both ways to watch the game.


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