How to get to the Navigator Destiny 2 - Catalyst & Drop location (2023)

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 has a significant amount of exotic weapons that leave a lot to be desired, dungeon weapons are not included in this list.

Most of them are either in meta likeWens-Ender, or they have created their own niche and are both fun and practical weapons.

NavigatoromTrace exotic rifle from the first dungeonLightingexpansion is no exception on the list and has taken a more than worthy place among exotic weapons.

In this article, we'll cover the main features of this brand new tracker gun, how to get the Navigator, and how to get its Exotic Catalyst.

How to unlock Navigator

The main and only source of Navigator isSpirits of the deepdungeons, especially the final boss. The probability of falling is not guaranteed as in caseHierarchy of needsUHarchaduv.

The Navigator's initial drop rate is about the same as any exotic assault weapon nearby5-6%.Therefore, you will most likely have to defeat the final bossSpirits of the deepdungeon multiple times to get your hands on this coveted exotic.

However, there are a few ways to increase your chances of exiting The Navigator:

  • CompletelySpirits of the deepdungeon on Master difficulty;
  • Find all the collectibles in the GotD dungeon;
  • Complete Spirits of the Deepsoloor solo without dying.

Despite the fact that these challenges are quite difficult to complete, they are definitely worth trying if you want to get Destiny 2 The Navigator in your collection as soon as possible.

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If you have problems completing the new dungeon opMaster difficultyor achieving a solo clean run, then you can use oursGhosts of the Deep Carryservice and guaranteed to unlock new triumphs. We offer the best price and the fastest delivery time.

It is also worth noting thatDe Navigator farm is still tied to weekly reset and character count, just like raid exotics. This means you only have three attempts during the week, one per sign.

Is Navigator good and should you use it?

Speaking of Navigator, it is worth noting that it is the firstStrand Trace Rifleu Lot 2.

One of the main advantages isProtective fabric, which activates after hitting an ally with the Navigator trail gun and applies the Woven Mail enhancement to both you and the target.

This benefit allows you to get the Woven Mail enhancement withoutSubclass strand,which can be especially useful for demanding activities.

Another advantage isWeaving cutters, which applies a separation buff to an enemy target after dealing enough damage.

It is important to note that this effect not only reduces damage to the target, but also creates entanglement after killing the target.

How to get to the Navigator Destiny 2 - Catalyst & Drop location (2)


This advantage, in turn, gives you controlInsulation wireFragment on useSubclass strand,allowing you to use a more useful and convenient extract. This is possible e.gA thread of anger.

It is worth noting that this exotic is best suited for Warlocks in combination withMaska cenotaph. With this combo, you not only have an almost unlimited Woven Mail upgrade, but also an infinite supply of heavy and special ammo.

compareNavigatoromDestiny 2 compared to its legendary analogues, it is worth emphasizing that the true potential of this weapon can be fully realized in hard mode activities such asGrandmaster NightfallsUraid master,where significant damage resistance is required.

It can be considered an analogueDivinity, where the role of the support weapon is not filled during the damage encounter, but before, to ensure the safety of your team.

If you don't have time to grow a brand new exotic, you can always use oursNavigator transport serviceand get it guaranteed in the shortest possible time. We offer the best market price and can help you get it safely.

How to get Navigator Catalyst and what it is for

As with most exotic dungeons, the main question after getting the weapon is how to get The Navigator Catalyst and if it's worth it.

Answering the first question - the main drop source for Destiny 2 Navigator Catalyst completesspecial puzzle in 3 stages.

The main idea lies in activating secret statues by getting buffs from dead spirits

It is important to note thatcatalyston bothLegendUMeesterdifficulty, without significant difference.

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The first statuecan be found already at the first meeting. It is located in the center of the map under a large circular platform.

The first ghost, on the other hand, can be found by going around the support structure next to the statue by 180 degrees and going down into the cave. Go all the way through the corridors of the location, where you will find a bunch of dead ghosts, one of which you will need.

Another statuecan be found after completing the first encounter. Continue through the intersection until you drop to the sandy bottom and enter a small cave. The second image will be placed in the front left.

You can find the ghost in the same place. Just keep going until you dip into the water. After you are submerged, go to the next safe place and in a small cave you can get the necessary upgrade for the statue.

The third statuecan be found after completing the second encounter. The main landmark will be your big bogey on the way to the final encounter. The statue is directly on the platform behind him.

You'll still be able to find the ghost at the start of the platform jumping puzzle to the right behind the miniboss with the glowing eyes. . Activate the last statue, defeat the boss that appears after activation and receive youcatalyst.

The main advantage of D2 The Navigator Catalyst is the creation of a grapple at a selected point after a special charge.

What to use with Navigator

When you use this exotic withMaska cenotaph, the possibilities of using dual special weapons have been significantly expanded. Therefore, the table will not only containHeavy locked weaponbut also whatSpecial Energy Weapons:

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All these weapons completely overshadow the weaknessesNavigatorom, which makes you feel comfortable not only during the red and orange beam enemy clearing phase, but also duringDPSphase.


Navigatoromit is significantly different from other exotic dungeons, which are either designed to deal a lot of damage (egxenophage) or to provide casual gaming with great benefits (e.g.Hierarchy of needs).

Navigator doesn't fall into either of these categories - he's quite a challenge to play with, mainly due to the need to keep track of your buff indicators and the position of your allies.

In addition to all this, usingMaska cenotaphThe Warlock Exotic is key to effective ammo management, which requires communication between players.

Finally, add to all this the need to acquire The Navigator Destiny 2 Catalyst to unlock the full potential of the newExotic spoorgeweer.However, all these efforts are not in vain, and in the end you will get not only a strong oneSearch gunbut one of the best secondary weapons in the game.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that, surprisingly, all the problems that existed with previous support weapons like the Lumina have been solved with the Navigator. This includes an unlimited range of fire to activate the buff and the absence of the need to kill an enemy to activate it.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that even in the absence of alliesNavigatoromit remains a useful tool for the player instead of becoming useless. We hope our guide helped you and answered your questions about how to get The Navigator in Destiny 2 and whether it's worth using.


How to use The Navigator in Destiny 2?

Navigator is excellent for use in combination withSubclass strand,as well as in multiplayer, allowing the Woven Mail Buff to be activated without much effort.


Is Navigator good for Destiny 2?

The Navigator is one of the best buff support weapons in the game and can make almost any activity easier to complete thanks to its ease of use and ability to efficiently manage ammo, as we described in our article.

Can you farm The Navigator Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, you only have three attempts per week to get your hands on the Navigator - one for each character.

What is the advantage of The Navigator in Destiny 2?

The exotic perk, Protective Weave, allows you to apply the Woven Mail enhancement to your allies. The secondary perk, Weft Cutter, focuses on dealing damage to the target, further breaking the target.


How to get to the Navigator Destiny 2 - Catalyst & Drop location? ›

The main and only source of The Navigator is the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, specifically its final boss. The drop chance is not guaranteed as in the case of Hierarchy of Needs and Heartshadow. The initial Navigator drop rate is approximately on the same level as any raid exotic weapon, around 5-6%.

How do you get the catalyst for the Navigator? ›

How To Get The Navigator Catalyst. To obtain the Catalyst, you have to activate three Hive Statues, collect Vestiges of Light from dead Ghosts, and defeat a secret Lightbearer Acolyte boss. You don't have to clear the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon at Master difficulty to unlock it, though.

How do you get catalysts to drop in Destiny 2? ›

Catalysts can drop from general content like Patrols, Strikes, Nightfalls, and Heroic Adventures, from multiplayer content like Quickplay Crucible and Competitive Crucible, as well as from end-game activities like the many raids.

How do you get outbreak perfected catalyst 2023? ›

To get the Outbreak Perfected catalyst, you will need to run playlist activities such as Vanguard Strike, Crucible, and Gambit. Similar to the Whisper catalyst being reintroduced in The Witch Queen, you will need a little bit of luck while running the playlist activities, but it is definitely worth the grind.

Where is the best place to do catalysts Destiny 2? ›

The thrallway is the fastest, but requires either half of a dungeon run or a borrowed checkpoint. Less effort is the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid, which you can reach via the wishing wall. If you can't be bothered with any of that, just run the Altar of Sorrows on the Moon.


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