An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (2023)

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An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (1)Sources

An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (2)Class and Mastery Introduction

Last updated: May 20, 2023

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After purchasing and installing the game, the first decision you have to make is which class you want to play. This decision is permanent for every character you create, and choosing the right class for your playstyle can be the biggest determinant of how much you enjoy your first playthrough. In this guide, we provide an overview of each class; including themes, playstyles and masteries. Once you're done with this guide, you'll have all the information you need to choose your first class and begin your journey in Eterra!

An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (3)


An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (4)

Fromguardis a typical warrior or knight type class. With plenty of melee support (including the ability to dual wield), armor and shields, this class will suit players who like the 'Bruiser' style of play. It also has one of the biggest Throwing Attack supports in the game. ThePaladinMastery fits the tanky healer theme through multiple healing skills and strong healing efficiency support. Thanks towar road,guardit is also the best choice for players who like to play 'spin-to-win'.

Primary damage types

All classes can use all types of damage, but each class excels at a few of them. Forguardare the primary types of damageEmptinessvrata Void Knight Mastery,Physicallyvia Forge Guard inFireworksvia Paladin. This support extends to disordersThe weather is broken,Bleed, uFor the light. There is also great support for itLightning boltand conditionelectrifierby skillsSpeerUHit.

Sentinel masteryS

Sentinel has three available masteries:Void Knights,The forge guardUPaladin.

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Void KnighT

Unsurprisingly, Void Knight specializes inInvalid damageand it happens that the only mastery withEmptinesssupport. Void Knight has leech nodes, called Void-based afflictionThe weather is broken, and the damage is increased if you are not wearing a shield. However, the most interesting feature of mastery is the ability to create reverberation. Echoes create a copy of the skill used for a short time after the ability is used.

Void Knight has exclusive accessClean shotUDeviationskills. While mastery is heavily melee based, it can also support throwing skills and also has some very powerful melee based builds.invalid spellsI like itAbyssal echoUVerslindende Orb.

Smeed guarD

This mastery has a themePhysical damageincluding illnessBleed.The forge guard supports two-handed playstyles as well as sword and board. There are also a number of passive nodes dedicated to throwing attacks. Mastery bonuses are for defense through armor and resistance.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areForge Strike,A ring of shieldsUSmelter's Wrath.The forge guardit also has minion support, making it a great choice for players who want to use itManifest Armorcan every skill make a forged weapon (ie.Forge Strike).


Paladinis about the topicFire damage(including conditionFor the light) and healing. Support for this mastery includes fire and healing as well as block, armor, health and even someBleedULightning damagesupport. Mastery bonuses provide moreFireworks,Lightning bolt, uPhysicallydamage and effectiveness of treatment.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areHoly shineUCondemnation.Paladinit also has the unique mechanic of being able to scale Adaptive Spell Damage while wearing a shield, which allows for a tank-like spell-casting playstyle that pairs well with abilities likeCondemnationUHit.

Align your Sentinel with oursVoid Knight-nivelleringsgids,Forge Guard-nivelleringsgids from Paladin Leveling Guide.


Every ARPG needs a Mage class and Last Epoch is no different. Mages use elemental damage to destroy their enemies, which means they have a ton of supportFireworks,Lightning boltUcoldtypes of damage. This class also usesDepartmentwhich makes a strong layer of defense.

As for the master,wizardoffers players a prototypical wizarding style of dealing damage through spells, often from a distance.A magic swordhe plays very differently, using melee attacks interspersed with spells and lots and lotsDepartmentgenerations to create a unique style of play.

An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (5)

Primary damage types

All classes can use all types of damage, but each class excels at a few. Themagicianis a true elementalist with all its support centered aroundFireworks,Lightning boltUcoldtypes of damage. This includes support forFor the light,Juice,CoolUFreezing(but noelectrifier).

Mastery of magicS

Frommagicianhe has two master's degrees completed and one in development. They have completed master's degreeswizardUA magic sword.Runemasteris under development.


Fromwizardis the ultimate spellcaster, specializing in ranged spells and high elemental AoE damage. He has a themeFireworks,Lightning boltUcoldinjury.Critical hitsthey are well supported by wizard abilities and passives. Although not as much as Spellblade, Sorcerer also has Ward support. Mastery bonuses give additional mana and spell damage.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areMeteor,Mysterious riseUblack hole.

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A magic sword

spellsfulfill the fantasy of spells in the crowd. They have some melee abilities that can also cast spells, synergistically blending the two playstyles into a very satisfying combination. I like itwizard,spellsits theme around tema okoFireworks,Lightning boltUcoldinjury.Then they have superior support for the wizard ward generation, which is necessary due to their tendency to be in melee range.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areA fragmented strike,FireUGolf.spellsthey also have a lot of support for using one ability to deal damage and then unleashing a big blast of another, so if you're looking for a generator/consumer type of playstyle, this mastery might be for you.

Increase your mage with ourswizardLeveling Guide from Spellblade Leveling Guide.


An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (6)

As a user of dark magic,altarpiecegushes with blood (Physically),NecrotischUPoisoninjury. She can curse her enemies, debuffing them before unleashing her fury. This class also specializes in minion control. An acolyte can even use his health to power up abilities.

As for the master,Lichspecializing in direct damage by sacrificing her own health (and sometimes her minions) to enhance her abilities. TheGhost charmerit targets its subjects and can deploy them in a variety of ways, including as an army, a single powerful entity, or even turn them into (in)living bombs.

Primary damage types

All classes can use all types of damage, but each class excels at a few. Thealtarpiecehas the most support forPhysically,NecrotischUPoisonimpairments, including related disordersBleedUDamned. However, her followers also support herFireworksUcolddamage, which makes this class one of the most versatile.

Acolyte teachers

Fromaltarpiecehe has two master's degrees completed and one in development. They have completed master's degreesLichUGhost charmer.wizardis under development.


FromLichis a master of the dark arts; can throwPhysicallycast through blood magic and grab him tightlyNecrotischUPoisoninjury. Although her skills are often used from a distance, she is more than capable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. althoughGhost charmeris the favorite's mastery,Lichcan also use and benefit from them. The most unique thing about this mastery is its ability to sacrifice its own health to increase its strength, creating an interesting risk/reward playstyle. Mastery bonuses give her a leech and increase damage if she's low on health.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areReaper formallowing her to transform into a Reaper, andSeal of Death.

Ghost charmer

A classic minion class,Ghost charmerhe has the ability to wield large armies, few but powerful minions, or sacrifice them in various destructive ways. He is also able to buff his minions, which creates the opportunity for a more active playstyle, even for 'zoo' builds.FromNecromancerminions have a wide range of damage types supported, allowing for a lot of build variation. He can also use his minions to improve himself, improve his damage or survivability. Mastery bonuses earn moreSkeletonsUMagovi kosturas well as increased minion damage.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areSummon the Wraith,A terrible shadowUCollect horror.

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Match your acolyte with oursLichLeveling Guide from Necromancer-nivelleringsgids.


Fromprimalistis a versatile lesson that fulfills multiple thematic roles. Beastmaster focuses on pets and melee damage, Shaman specializes in totems, and Druid is Last Epoch's primary transformation class. Because of the wide range of options, almost everyone can find something they will enjoyprimalisttoolbox. Damage types with primary support arePhysically,Lightning bolt,cold, uPoison. Primalist also has a wide range of defensive options, including the highest support forEnduranceof all classes.

An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (7)

Primary damage types

All classes can use all types of damage, but each class excels at a few. Primalist is second only to Acolyte in supported damage types, with a large amount of supportPhysically,Lightning bolt,cold, uPoisoninjury. There is also some support for thatFireworks.

Primal Masteries

Fromprimalisthas three available masteries:Beastmaster,Shaman, udruid.


For a Necromancer, minions are an expendable resource, but not a Beastmaster. They are his comrades whose death must be avoided at all costs. His companions have their own active abilities that the player can use when the cooldown ends. If a companion falls during battle, they can come back to life. Any primalist can use companions butBeastmasterhe excels in them, gets access to more support and the ability to have more companions. It also has strong support for Melee andPhysicallyUPoisontypes of damage. Thevan Beastmasterhere comes the most unique mechanicAspects: special enhancements he can apply to himself and his companions through certain actions.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areSummon Raptor,Summons SabretoothUSummons Frenzy Totem, a support totem that can strengthen him and his companions.


FromShamanis a primary Totem user, but also excels at spellcasting. His damage type support is greatcoldULightning bolt, but he has tooPhysically. He can use totems for direct damage or to enhance spells, melee skills, or even companions.Are theymastery bonuses reduce Totem's mana cost, ensuretuning, and polishShaman's elemental resistancewhile piloting the Totem

The exclusive skills for this mastery areSummons a storm totemUlavina.


The most prominent feature of a druid is the ability to transform intoWerewolf form,spriggan-formafromSwarmblade forms. Werebear and Swarmblade are exclusive masters, making this class a must for anyone who wants to experience all styles of transformation. He also has the ability to 'dance' between multiple forms and can gain buffs as a result. Damage type support isPhysically,Poison,cold(Spriggan in Swarmblade) MrLightning bolt(Time bear). Mastery bonuses give him more health and mana and less damage when he leaves his transformed state

The exclusive skills for this mastery areWerewolf form,Swarmblade formsUThe roots intertwine.

straighten yoursprimalistwith oursBeastmaster-levelingsgids,Shaman Leveling GuidefromDruid Leveling Guide.

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An introduction to class and mastery - the latest era of (8)

Ninja? A murderer? Forest ranger? The answer is yes'. Thevillainit fills all those roles and more. With a skill set that includes shadow attack, ranged archery, and even ranged melee range, it seems like it can handle anything. It doesn't hurt that she also has a wide variety of defense options available to her, including most of themSmartnesssupport and exclusive accessLooking at the shotsDamage support. It is largely based onPhysicallyUPoisonbut she also has a solid approachFireworks,cold, uLightning bolt, which only adds to its versatility. She also has accessShadows, a unique mechanic that creates a copyvillainand mimics the next skill used.

As for the master,villainoffers two very different play styles.The leaves are dancingis focused on melee with little support in throwing, whereasSharp shooteris the only Mastery that Bogen can use.

Primary damage types

All classes can use all types of damage, but each class excels at a few. Thevillainhave versatile tool with great support forPhysicallyUPoisonbut they also provide solid opportunities forFireworks,cold, uLightning bolt.


Fromvillainhe has two master's degrees completed and one in development. They have completed master's degreesThe leaves are dancingUSharp shooter.Sokolaris under development.

The leaves are dancing

Bladedancer fits the Ninja/Assassin playstyle with skills likeShurikenURookbomclarify the topic. The unique feature of this mastery stems fromShadow Daggers, a condition Crit is guaranteed to get when it starts.The leaves are dancingis primarily directedPhysicallyUPoisondamage, but also has some support for itFireworks. Defensively, he has more support thanSharp shooterfor bothSmartnessULooking at the shotwhich compensates for the higher risks that this style of play entails.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areDance hitsUA deadly mirage

Sharp shooter

This is the Last Epoch version of the Ranger.Sharp shooterhas exclusive access to bothA bookUDrumsticksand much of their damage only scales withA book.The main themes of this theme appear here in skills likeMultishotUA hail of arrows, but there are also some more unique options. Mastery has a much better balance of supported damage types thanThe leaves are dancing, metPhysically,Poison,Fireworks,Lightning bolt, ucoldall good build options.

The exclusive skills for this mastery areExploding arrowUA hail of arrows.

straighten yoursvillainwith oursBladedancer Leveling Guide from Archers Leveling Guide.


  • Fromguardis a typical warrior or knight class, but with some interesting thematic options that fit the lore of the game.
  • Frommagicianfills the roleBasicSpell Caster, but also has a melee feature.
  • FromaltarpieceMostly treatsPhysically,Necrotisch, uPoisondamage while also masteringsubjects.
  • Fromprimalistcan focus onCompanions,Totemi,Change of shape, or even play as a Melee or Spell Caster.
  • Fromvillainfills the Assassin, Ninja, or Ranger fantasy types, giving him a lot of playstyle variety.


RatedFace leg,Move apart.

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